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The pages linked below are dedicated to Rescue Animals. Whether neglected, abused, or abandoned - they all deserve a loving home. Animals are not disposable toys. They are living creatures we have taken from their natural environment to satisfy our needs. And now we - the human race - are responsible for their well-being. FOREVER!
Remember, unless there is a local purebred club watching for purebred or nearly purebred animals, most adult animals surrendered to shelters die there. Pocket pets are considered disposable by society and many shelters. Again, unless there is someone watching for them they are likely to die in the shelter.
Check the Links page for more resources. Most breeders take in rescues and therefore need to place them with loving new owners, too.

"You've Got a Friend" "The Rainbow Bridge"
Shelter vs. Breeder Quiz
Animal Breed Zip Code
World Wide Recue
The Naked Truth About PETA
by Penn & Teller

Given A Chance Rodent Rescue (PA)

Hamster rescue in NYC
Click here to join albany_pet_exchange

Click here to join Critter-Sitters-Small-Animal-Rescue

PetRescue.Com Home PagePetRescue.Com Home Page
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