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HCH Nooble
Black Dominant Spot Long Hair
aa Dsds E- ll

HCH Jasmine
Yellow Black Satin Long Hair
aa ll Sasa ToTo

Born 2/5. All Long Hair
Honey Black Satin Dom Spot
Honey Black Dom Spot
Honey Black
Yellow Black Satin
Yellow Black

Born 2/5. All Long Hair
Black Tort Dom Spot
Black Tort
Black Tort
Black Tort Satin

HCH Jonathan
Silver Gray Banded Satin Long Hair
Ba- ll Sasa Sgsg

PKK's Reese Jr
Golden Umbrous
Ll Pp U-

5 Goldens born 2/8
Mix of Long and Short Hair; Satin and non-satin; All Banded; Some Umbrous
1 Girl, 4 Boys - 1 Boy spoken for

5 SilverGrays born 2/8
Mix of Long and Short Hair; Satin and non-satin; All Banded; some Umbrous
2 Girls - 1 Girl spoken for, 3 Boys

PKK's Bolt
Black Eyed Cream
ee Ll Pp

HCH Flocke
Sable Roan Long Hair
ee ll U- Whwh

8 Boys born 3/4
Mix of Long and Short Hair; 3 Sable, Red Eyed Cream, Black Eyed Cream, 3 Black Eyed Cream Roan

3 Girls born 3/4
Mix of Long and Short Hair; Sable, Sable Roan, Red Eyed Cream Roan
Coming Soon

The Koala Den's Buckwheat
Golden Long Haired Rex
Aa B- E- ll P- rxrx

PKK Golda
Golden Umbrous Long Hair
Ee ll U-

Due 3/26 Expect All Long Hair. Mix of Golden, Golden Umbrous, BEC and Sable. May have Black pop up too.
Didn't take will retry this mating.

Black Eyed Cream Long Hair Satin
ee ll Sasa

HCH Vixen
Mink Roan Long Hair
ee ll pp U- Whwh

Due 3/29 Expect all Long Hair. Mix of BEC, REC, Sable, Mink with Roan and Satin.
Didn't take will retry this mating.
This page was last edited on June 28, 2011
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