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Syrian Hamster PortalSyrians are Solitary!

The North Eastern Hamstery Rescues

Because of the negligence of a local pet store, the lives of these two hamsters were put in very serious danger. One thing that you must know before you ever think of owning a Syrian is that they are solitary animals. No ifs, ands, or buts... this is how it is. There are EXTREMELY rare occasions when Syrians can live together, but, like I said, EXTREMELY rare. Don't take the risk because odds are that your hamsters will be injured badly or even killed.

These two angels came along very well. Blessings (above ), a Cinnamon female, had the worst of the injuries. Houdini (below ), a Golden male, had a few cuts on his bum, but nothing compared to Blessings. They are well and in a new home now.

Hopefully, these photos will be enough proof for you to understand the importance of Syrians living alone.

Copied with permission.

A note from PKK:: Syrians are solitary by nature. In very rare circumstances, without providing extra space and entertainment, a few Syrians will be non-solitary. A well-known Syrian breeder and judge with vast experience and exposure to other breeders said she had 3 out of 5000 Syrians that were non-solitary. That is 0.06% of her hamsters. It's not worth the possible maiming and death of one or more hamsters to find out. They should only be put together under supervision for breeding. Then the pups need to be removed at weaning and separated by gender. Then have their own individual homes by 6 weeks.

Please do not put your personal feelings onto these hamsters. They will not get lonely since it is their nature to be solitary.

This page was last edited on October 14, 2011
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