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A wild Syrian is Golden, with no Patterns, and the Coat is Short, Straight, and non-Satin. The genetics for this would be written as: A- B- baba C- Dg- dsds E- Hr- L- lglg P- Rd- Rx- sasa sgsg toto uu whwh. This is usually shortened to ++ to mean there are no mutations from the wild type. Since most Syrian hamsters have only a handful of genes to be considered, the majority of breeders simply list the genes that are definitely there.
Top Coat
Rich, dark mahogany red ⅓ of the way down
Base Coat
Dark slate gray
Belly Fur
Ivory with gray undercoat
Heavily and evenly ticked with black. Face is swarthy with black eye rings
Chest Band
Rich dark mahogany brown
Cheek Flashes
Eye Color
Ear Color
Dark gray, almost black
White Patterns
No white markings
Other Patterns
The fur is short, straight & not glossy. Should be soft and dense.

This page was last edited on October 14, 2011
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